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«GRIVAS» Company

equipment for cellular concrete production

GRIVAS is a privately held company, founded 20 April, 2001. Our core business has been the design and supply of equipment for cellular concrete production.

«GRIVAS» is one of the first Ukrainian companies, that has proceeded with designing and manufacturing of the wide range of equipment and complexes, to set up supply of production lines for cellular concrete (foam concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete) and cellular concrete blocks manufacturing.

Our company has built a solid reputation of one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cellular concrete production equipment, not only within the territory of Ukraine, but also to the near and far-abroad countries. W See sales geography of our products


GRIVAS specializes in

  • designing and production of automated lines and complexes for cellular concrete manufacturing by a non-autoclaved concrete hardening method (foam concrete, aerated concrete, polystyrene concrete).
  • production of construction site equipment./span>
  • Production of construction materials with the use of equipment, manufactured by our company.
  • Conveyors and transporters for general industrial use.
  • Providing an outstanding solution for your own technical specification.


We provide our clients with the following services

Delivery all over the world Installation supervision Visit of a production engineer to provide training Technology + Training + Manufacturing of a trial lot under supervision of a production engineer Intellectual support, unlimited in time Providing with a technological map of production Technological adjustment to production facilities Equipment layout at production facilities


What do we offer to our customers?

Due to high quality of the equipment, our clients manufacture products, meeting all applicable standards. Finished products, produced with use of GRIVAS, equipment, shall satisfy our customers’ highest demands, investing into stability and boost of their business development.

Buying complexes and associated equipment, along with products, which passed tests at a real production site, our customers are offered trainings for the personnel and further intellectual support unlimited in time.


Warranty and after-sales service

High quality of equipment, assembled by highly skilled specialists, and using high quality materials and electric equipment of world brands, enables us to provide warranty for our equipment over 18 months.

Our company provides warranty and post-warranty servicing of the equipment. We would like to draw your attention to units of our plants, produced with sufficient safety margin and power reserve, assuring constant operation of our equipment.


Final product

Using GRIVAS cellular concrete production equipment, our customers will manufacture only high quality cellular concrete, and final products will conform to norms of GOST 21520-89, as well as meet their customers’ highest demands. Blocks accurate geometry allows to use adhesive for laying blockwork.

Готовый продукт высокого качества


GRIVAS equipment configurations



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