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Molding (cassette technology) production

Molding (cassette technology) production.

Cassette production technology is probably the most labor-intensive. But the organization of a small production of foam or polystyrene, for example, to build his house and other hosts. buildings, tape technology is a perfect option.

Molding technology also can be attributed fill filler foam or polystyrene into formwork in concrete construction and filling of liquid or foam polystyrene for insulation and sound insulation of floors, roofs, floors.

Cutting technology.

Cutting technology production of foam concrete, aerated concrete blocks or polystyrene, is by far the most productive with the least effort. Quality of the finished product the highest.

Our cutting production facilities, such as Double-gantry complex for cutting cellular concrete URMP-2P с Monolith top and bottom band trimming machine «UTL-600» blocks are trimmed on all sides including top and bottom. Geometric accuracy is achieved blocks up to 2 mm. Due to this, foam concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete blocks can be placed on the glue.

Also, our cutting complexes mark “URMP” allow to organize the production of cellular concrete conveyor manufacturing method.