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Batch material for production

For the production of aerated concrete autoclave method of hardening (foam concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene) used basic materials, such as cement brands PC-400 and PC-500, ravine or river sand, water of medium hardness and soft. As the air-entraining additives are used various materials depending on the material produced as follows:

Used for foam foam produced foam generator. Prepared for foam blowing agents used (foam concentrate) or synthetic organic (protein) origin. Our company produces foam generators for both synthetic and protein foaming agents.

Just want to note! Using protein (organic) blowing agents can achieve higher levels of finished foam concrete block.

Our company recommends protein foaming agent «Livoton» as this foaming agent is not inferior to foreign analogues characteristics, but also in terms of some superior. Thus the cost of the foaming agent «Livoton» at times cheaper than imported foamers. more details about frother…

For aerated concrete used chemical additives. Unlike foam, where the air-entraining admixture is foam, chemical additives, such as caustic soda, aluminum powder, calcium chloride, soda ash, required to raise the cement-sand mortar. Stamps aluminum powder used in the manufacture of aerated concrete autoclave method of hardening – PAP-1 and PAP-2.

In the production of polystyrene as a filler is used to facilitate the solution crumb polystyrene (foam) and a small amount of foam produced in the foam generator.