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«START» – Production line for aerated concrete, foam concrete and polystyrene concrete manufacturing


«Start» configuration comprises a mixer (used in aerated concrete production) and molds for solid mass with standard size of 1236х1250х600 mm. Partitions are put down into the solid mass to divide them into half-finished products (236х300х600 mm).

Once concrete was poured into moulds, and set strong enough, cellular concrete (foam concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete) is cut into separate blocks of a specified size with standard size of 300х600 mm and the thickness from 50 up to 350 mm.

See more details on cellular concrete forming and cutting using «START» equipment

Before pouring cellular concrete into molds, a polyethylene inlay, prepared preliminary with a special accessory, is inserted into the mold. A polyethylene inlay is required to protect forms from concrete adhesion as well as to prevent leaking of cellular concrete.

Once cellular concrete (foam concrete, aerated concrete or polystyrene concrete) was poured into the mould, three partitions are put down in it by guide rails, to divide the solid mass into four half-finished products of 1236х300х600 mm size.

When cellular concrete is strong enough, the form is disassembled. Half-finished products are transported in a special carriage to a cutting area. In the cutting area half-finished products are cut into separate blocks by a cutting machine PM1.05-Shcherbiny. Blocks thickness can be from 30 to 350 mm.

START Configuration allows to set up cellular concrete production by using a cutting technology. You will cut down your expenses as the cutting machine PM1.05-Shcherbiny has lower price in comparison with other cutting complexes. Another distinguishing feature is that slate molds cost much lower than metal molds.

The slate molds warranty period is at least three years and already in 1,5 — 2 months you will get a payback. Easy in manufacturing, slate molds can be produced in home conditions.

The plant provides for manufacturing with moderate production rate up to 25 m 3 per shift or 50 m3 per 24 hours in case of two shifts organisation of production.

By request of our clients, production line for cellular concrete manufacturing can be equipped with auxiliary equipment:

Choose the production line configuration you are interested in, to see more information on production facilities, utilities and staff requirements.