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Production line for foam concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete blocks manufacturing «STANDARD»


Production line for cellular concrete manufacturing «Standard» comprises mixer, single-gantry complex for cutting cellular concrete «URMP-1P», pallet carriage moulds «Profi-500», screw milling cutter for top monolith trimming and auxiliary equipment for cement feeding and mechanical sieving, as well as sand feeding to a mixer.

Principle of cellular (foam concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete) concrete production, using production lines «START» and «STANDARD»

As foam concrete and aerated concrete production technologies differ at the stage of cellular concrete production but the rest of the process is similar, we will describe separately the processes of foam concrete and aerated concrete production.

Foam concrete

Components, in turns, water, cement and sand are loaded into a cellular concrete production machine. The process of loading is either manual or mechanic, with use of feeding conveyors. Water is fed through a metering controller.

When all the components are loaded, they are mixed for one minute to obtain cement and sand mix.

Using foam generator «PGS-450», foam is fed into the mortar until the mixer is filled fully with further mixing for 3-4 minutes. Then, under pressure, produced concrete is poured into molds along a hose.

Aerated concrete

Water, heated up to 50-55 degrees, cement, filling material (sand or ash) and chemical additives (caustic, soda ash, calcium chloride) are fed to a mobile mixer «GRBU-0.5», mounted on guide rails, with further mixing for one minute.

Just as like foam production, loading of the materials can be either manual or mechanic, with the use of feeding conveyors or a skip loader.

After mixing, aluminium powder is fed into sand-cement mortar for a chemical reaction with further mixing for 45-60 seconds. Also, while aluminium powder is mixing with sand-cement mortar, a mobile mixer is transported by guide rails to the area where foam concrete is poured into molds.

After pouring of aerated concrete into the mold, sand-cement mortar is lifted for setting solid.

We would like to draw your attention on the obligatory requirements for aerated concrete production:

  • Water, fed into the mixer must be heated up to 45-55 degrees.
  • Temperature of the area where sand-cement mortar is setting solid, shouldn’t be under 15-18 degrees. But that does not mean all the production facilities should be heated, especially when it is cold. It is enough to only make a heated zone.

Concerning production rate of the line «STANDARD»

Production rate of the line is up to 40 m3 per shift or up to 80 m3 per 24 hours (two shifts).

Using molds «Profi-500» and single-gantry cutting complex «URMP-1», integrated guide rails to transport pallet-carriages allows to set up conveyor type manufacturing to produce foam concrete and aerated concrete monolith blocks.

The production line for foam concrete and aerated concrete blocks manufacturing «Standard», can be redesigned to «Profi» configuration by means of highly-automated equipment.

To see more information on requirements concerning production facilities, utilities and personnel, choose a configuration you are interested in.

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