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Conveyor type production line «PROFI» for foam concrete and aerated concrete manufacturing


The most full conveyor type configuration with materials automated feeding and batching. The line is highly automated, that provides for significant reduction of manual labour and labour costs savings.

Production rate of the conveyor type line «Profi» is up to 400 m3 per shift in case of continued three-shift operation.

The line is equipped with foam concrete mixing units or aerated concrete fixed mixers, batching complexes, inert materials feeding equipment and equipment for molds transportation.

Choose a configuration you are interested in, to see more information on production facilities, utilities and staff requirements.

Principle of cellular concrete production, using conveyor type line «Profi»

Sand or cement from batching units is fed into a three-sectional batching complex , with the use of screw feeders. In a batching complex the material is metered using strain gauges and metering controllers (Rinstrum R320, produced in Australia). When the batching complex is filled, screw feeders stop operating.

Water is fed by impeller pumps, into a water batching tank, equipped with Rinstrum automatic equipment.

After metering components they are load into a mixer. All the components from a batching unit are loaded in turn, water, cement and then sand, into a mixer for cellular concrete production «PBS-0,9» with further mixing for two minutes.

After that air-retaining substance, that is foam, obtained in the process of foam concrete production or chemical additives for aerated concrete production, is fed into a mixing unit. Then sand-cement mortar is mixing with the air-retaining substance for 1-3 minutes and cellular concrete obtained is poured into molds.

The mold with foam concrete and aerated concrete is transported by guides to the area, where concrete is setting solid for 4-8 hours.

Then «pallet carriage mould» with cellular concrete monolith is transported to a cutting area.

At the first cutting gantry the monolith top and bottom are cut with the use of a monolith top and bottom band trimming machine «UTL-600»

After processing, the monolith blocks are transported to the first cutting gantry of a cutting complex URMP-2P

After cutting, pallet carriages with blocks are transported to a conditioning area to set solid. On passing 12 hours after cutting, blocks are strong enough. Then they are put into molds with use of special gripper, and transported to a finished-products storage area, where blocks set strong enough for shipping.