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Vibrating sieve

Our company produces vibrating sieves with various configurations and production rates. The vibrating sieve is used to mechanically sieve the materials like sand, rubble in production of construction materials and dry construction mixes.

The vibrating sieve can have one, two or three sections. The machine is used to divide materials like sand and rubble into several fractions. The operational principle of the vibrating sieve. Material is fed to the upper sieve with the largest size of a cell (for instance, 20х20 mm) and the largest size of a fraction. If smaller fractions, for instance, of 10 х 10 mm size get into the sieve from the upper one, material with a fraction size exceeding 10 mm remains on the second sieve and is fed to a specified direction. Material with a fraction size smaller than 10 mm is fed to the lower sieve, and after sieving, size of fractions can be 5-3 mm.

Number of the vibrating sieve sections depends on fractions amount, required to get from the material, and their size.

Vibrating sand sieve with one section is used for foam concrete, aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete production. The purpose is to separate shells (especially gravel sand), stones, clay pieces and other oversized particles from sand.

Vibrating sand sieve can be integrated in to production lines, in particular:

«Standard» – The vibrating sieve is installed as a separate unit to mechanically feed sand into a mixer. Operating principle. Hand feed of sand to the vibrating sieve, and after mechanic sieving, sand is fed into a mixing unit by hand or with the use of a belt conveyor.

«Profi» – in conveyor type lines, the vibrating sieve is integrated into general production line. Operating principle. The vibrating sieve is installed together with a sand batching silo. With use of a screw feeder or a belt conveyor, sand is fed from a batching silo directly to a vibrating sieve. After sieving sand is transported to the batching silo of the belt conveyor. Metering controllers provide high accuracy metering of sand. When the batching silo is filled, the weight metering controller stops operation of vibrating sieve, screw feeder and conveyor.

Vibrating sand sieve technical specification:

Name of the assembly Vibrating sand sieve
Fixed power 0.5 kW
Nominal voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Overall dimensions
Length in mm 1240
Width in mm 1420
Height in mm 1570
Weight 182 кг