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Single-gantry complex for cutting cellular concrete «URMP-1P»

Single-gantry cutting complex URMP-1P

Both, single-gantry complex for cutting cellular concrete «URMP-1P» and double-gantry complex «URMP-2P» are designed to cut cellular concrete monolith into single blocks of a specified size with repetition factor of the cut 50 mm.

Operating principle. Foam concrete or aerated concrete monolith block (size of a monolith block is 2800 х 600 х 300 mm) with 0,5 m3 in volume, is transported in a pallet carriage along guide rails to a cutting area. After fixing the pallet carriage in the cutting gantry, transversal cut is made. As the monolith is 300 mm in height, after cutting the blocks are placed horizontally.

«URMP-1P» is used to produce aerated concrete and foam concrete blocks with the average production rate of up to 40 m3 per shift (8 hours). These complexes are integrated into lines with various levels of production processes mechanisation and automation, in particular:

  • «STANDARD» – plant for aerated concrete and foam concrete blocks production with mechanical load of the components and production rate of up to 30 m3 per shift.
  • «PROFI» – conveyor type line for cellular concrete products manufacturing with automated loading of the components and production rate of up to 40 m 3 per shift.
Technical specification:
Type of cutting Vertical
Number of saws Up to 25 pcs
Power consumption 1,1 kW
Production rate 5-6 m3/h
Dry weight 940 kg
Overall dimensions in mm 4000*2000*1300
Cutting mechanism feed Semi-automatic
Dimensions of blocks produced, in mm 600*300*200,150,100
Operational personnel 1 person


Basic benefits of cutting complexes URMP-1P

  • High production rate of up to 40 m3 per shift
  • The machine allows to set up conveyor type manufacturing, that considerably reduces man-hours!
  • Positive distinguishing feature of «URMP» complexes from the competitors’ plants is that while cutting the monolith, the main carriage with a cutting mechanism lowers on saws with required and sufficient load. That allows us to considerably reduce human factor. This feature provides for accurate geometry of a block and service life of a band-saw.
  • Cut accuracy ±2 mm
  • «URMP» complexes have reliable motor reducers Bonfiglioli, STM S.P.A., CMRV (Italy)